Welcome to PodiatryLIVE™, the premier site for on-demand access to videos of surgical procedures and other clinical presentations showcasing the latest techniques and treatment trends within the field of podiatry.

We will add new clinical cases and medical information continuously each month in order to provide a comprehensive educational resource. PodiatryLIVE will feature presentations by some of the nation’s top podiatric physicians. Whether we are featuring a new video on first MPJ arthrodesis, the use of ultrasonic debridement in wound care or a product presentation on a new surgical device, PodiatryLIVE is your source for the latest innovations and trends in podiatric care.

PodiatryLIVE is the creation of HMP Communications (HMP), the publisher of the award-winning journal Podiatry Today. HMP Communications has a long history in the field of podiatry and we work regularly with key thought leaders to help educate and support the crucial work of podiatric physicians across the country.